Miss. Scholars Initiative charts course to success

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Business representatives have begun visiting area classrooms topromote a new initiative to encourage students to pursue morechallenging courses while in high school.

The Mississippi Scholars Initiative sets out a challenging andrigorous course of study to better prepare students for life afterhigh school – whether their futures include college or a directpath to the full-time world of work. In addition to otherrecognition, students who complete the program will receive amedallion and a seal will be placed on their permanent schooltranscript.

The reason for involving business representatives in promotingthe program is that they have first-hand experience with what ittakes for employees to be successful. Also, their fresh perspectivemay make more of an impact on students, who can sometimes “tuneout” the same message of encouragement or advice from teachers orparents.

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Students and parents should know there are sacrifices that comewith the Mississippi Scholars programs. But the rewards are worththe extra effort.

The program is not about making good grades in classes thatoffer no other benefit than an easy A. What it is about is makingthe best grades possible in courses that prepare students forsuccessful careers.

The Mississippi Scholars Initiative presents students withshort-term challenges and opportunities that will help producelong-term success and achievement.