County moves to lower BC Road speed

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Supervisors will likely post reduced speed limit signs on BogueChitto Road, and the signs could be posted by the end of the month,officials decided Monday.

County Engineer Carl Ray Furr requested the board considerposting speed limit signs that would reduce the speed on BogueChitto Road from 45 miles per hour to 35 mph near the recentlycompleted Bogue Chitto River bridge. He said the request came fromresidents near the bridge.

Supervisors were open to the request, but said certain stepswere mandated by law before that could be accomplished. A trafficcount and speed study would need to be conducted first.

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Marty Hilton, a State Aid representative, who had appearedbefore the board on an unrelated matter, said the MississippiDepartment of Transportation already has traffic count figuresavailable.

Traffic on major roads is counted approximately every eight to10 years with annual projections based on growth, Hilton said.

Those figures show that approximately 1,500 people travel BogueChitto Road between Interstate 55 and Highway 51 on a daily basis,while approximately 1,100 travel the road between Highway 51 andPricedale Road.

Furr estimated he could have a speed study completed within aweek or two.

In a separate matter, the pleas of a landowner for the county tonot continue a bridge project on International Road were heard inexecutive session.

The landowner asked supervisors not to proceed with the projectbecause it would require some of his land, said Chancery ClerkTillmon Bishop.

Supervisors decided to move ahead with the project, which isstill in its infancy, Bishop said.