New clinic another step forward for health care

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The opening of King’s Daughters Medical Center’s new Quick CareClinic represents good news for citizens, the hospital and thecommunity at large.

For citizens, the clinic is an opportunity to get care whenneeded – without having to wait in the emergency room for treatmentof illnesses that are not real emergencies. By opening the clinic,patients with more serious illnesses can get the treatment theyneed more quickly.

KDMC officials said the clinic was developed with those thoughtsin mind.The clinic is open extended hours on weekdays and will alsobe open on weekends.

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KDMC officials say a hospital renovation project should furtherimprove the emergency room situation.

For the community, the new clinic is another star in an array ofexisting quality health care facilities. A community’s health carefacilities are an important consideration in economicdevelopment.

Those facilities, however, must be available and patients mustbe able to see a doctor when needed. Conscious of that fact, KDMCare attempting to address those concerns with the new clinic andthe hospital renovation.

With the new clinic, KDMC’s administration, doctors and staffare continuing to strive to meet the medical needs of Brookhaven,Lincoln County and the surrounding area.