Like it or not, paying taxes important citizenship role

Published 5:00 am Monday, April 17, 2006

Many citizens across Mississippi and the United States thisweekend are confronting one of life’s certainties as they race toget their tax returns completed by Monday’s deadline.

With April 15 falling on a Saturday this year, filers get alittle more time until Monday to send in their returns. Due toHurricane Katrina, some residents can take even more time tocomplete the task.

The general rule has been those expecting a refund file theirreturns as soon as possible while those who owe the government moretaxes wait until the last minute.

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Whether getting a refund or having to pay, filing a tax returnis a necessary part of being a responsible citizen. While we maynot like where our money goes or agree with how it is spent, taxesplay an important role in keeping the United States the greatestcountry in the world.