Officials weigh Civil Defense bldg. options

Published 5:00 am Monday, May 8, 2006

Supervisors are weighing additional options as they continue towrestle with a viable solution to the deterioration of the LincolnCounty Civil Defense building.

Clifford Galey, civil defense director, has presented the boardwith several bids to repair the roof of the existing office.

He received several bids to put a pitched, shingle or metal roofon the existing building, Galey said. The bids all came in at morethan $12,000.

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It would cost $3,300 for “an attempt to repair what’s there,”Galey said, quoting from the bid.

“I’m using tarps and garbage bags to protect the roof andbuckets to catch the leaks,” said Galey during a discussion at lastweek’s board of supervisors meeting.

The county did get some good news, however.

Supervisors had asked for an attorney general’s office opinionon whether the civil defense office could be located in a house onLinBrook Business Park property. The opinion came back last weekthat there was no legal reason why it couldn’t be done.

A question about that location arose previously because thebusiness park is a joint effort between the county, City ofBrookhaven and the Chamber of Commerce. Under the terms of theagreement, the designation of the property as a business park couldhave prohibited the location of a civil defense office there evenwith the approval of all involved entities.

County Engineer Carl Ray Furr added further legitimacy to thebusiness park location when he noted that a water well, tank andpumps will be needed in the park’s infrastructure and thosefacilities could be located at the civil defense office. There, hesaid, it could be monitored instead of being in a fenced, butisolated, location.

The home is in relatively good condition, Galey said, but wouldrequire some roof work.

“There’s no water spots in the ceiling, so if it’s leaking it’snot major. It does need some shingles,” he said.

King’s Daughters Medical Center Chief Executive Officer PhillipGrady also provided supervisors with another temporary option. Thehospital owns a house on Highway 550 just north of the Highway 51intersection that could be used as a civil defense office untilsuch time as KDMC needed it.

Grady, who had attended the meeting on a separate matter, saidhe could not comment on the condition of the house because he hadnot inspected it recently. He also said the hospital had noimmediate plans for the property.

District Four Supervisor Doug Moak said what concerned him mostabout either location was the possibility that they might betemporary. The office would have to be moved again should aprospective business park customer show interest in the location orthe hospital need that property to meet future needs.

“I personally don’t like the word temporary,” he said. “I wouldrather spend our time, energy and money to do something that wouldleave us with a permanent solution. I like the location where he’sat now. I’d like to see us do something at that location.”

Supervisors requested Galey get estimates on the cost of a newbuilding at the location, which would also be shifted to providefor better use of the property, including parking.

District One Supervisor the Rev. Jerry Wilson said he waswilling to investigate any of the options before the board, “butit’s no secret I want that building” as a satellite District Onebarn for repairs and maintenance of county equipment.