Fallen soldiers remembered

Published 5:00 am Thursday, June 1, 2006

Their voices are silent now, but their actions continue to ringwith clarity at each tick of the clock on the hands of time.

Memorial Day is when we honor those who proved freedom isn’tfree, and pause to remember the red on the national flag symbolizesthe blood shed from American soil “to the shores of Tripoli” in itsdefense.

Today’s Lifestyles cover features the story of Brookhaven nativeJerry Rein, one of the few survivors of a battle acknowledged asone of the most savage in modern warfare. Rein’s experiences duringthe fighting withdrawal along the “Frozen Chosin” are unique – andyet they echo the bravery, determination and fearlessness commonamong fallen American soldiers, whether on the hallowed frozenground of North Korea in 1950 or the hot sands of Iraq andAfghanistan today.

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Regardless of their politics, soldiers follow orders. In return,we would hope the public, regardless of their politics, wouldsupport the troops. It is the least we can do for the many timessoldiers have stood as the wall between freedom and tyranny.

We urge people to participate at 3 p.m. Monday in a moment ofsilence for the National Moment of Remembrance, sponsored by theWhite House Commission on Remembrance, an independent governmentagency to ensure the nation remembers the sacrifices of America’sfallen from the Revolutionary War to the present.