Murder trials postponed

Published 5:00 am Monday, June 26, 2006

The murder trials of a grandmother accused of torturing andkilling her 4-month-old granddaughter and an Oma man accused ofkilling his cousin have been postponed, authorities said.

Mary P. Grandberry, of Silver Creek, and Albert D. Smith Jr., ofOma, remain in custody at the Lawrence County Jail. Grandberry isaccused of capital murder, which can carry a death sentence, whileSmith is accused of murder, which can carry a maximum sentence oflife in prison without parole. Smith is also accused of aggravatedassault.

Both trials were expected to be tried today in Lawrence County.However, continuances were granted following motions made by thedefense, said Doug Miller, assistant district attorney for the 15thJudicial Court District.

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“We’re ready to proceed,” Miller said “There were two murdercases on the docket and I was hoping we could try at least one ofthem this term.”

The trial for Grandberry has been rescheduled for Dec. 11.

Grandberry is accused of torturing to death Daria K’MyaGrandberry, who was born March 19, 2004, and died of internalhemorrhaging July 21, 2004, at Marion General Hospital. Daria K’Myawas the infant daughter of Keisha Grandberry of Monticello.

A new trial date for Smith has not been set.

“It will probably also be set during that December term,” Millersaid.

The Smith continuance was not expected, he said. The court hadproceeded through the preliminaries of the case and conducted juryinstruction before Public Defender Bob Evans requested thedelay.

“I was not expecting that one to be continued,” Miller said.

Smith is accused of shooting Terry Maye, 37, of Jerrytown Road,Oma, twice in the upper chest in October 2004 after the two cousinsargued over whose car was faster.