Calcote arrest rumors unfounded

Published 5:00 am Friday, July 7, 2006

Rumors of the arrest of a high-ranking Lincoln County officialhave been denied by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

“Any reports of Sheriff Wiley Calcote being arrested by the FBIare incorrect,” said Debra Madden, a public affairs officer withthe FBI.

Madden said FBI policy prohibits any response on whether aninvestigation is pending.

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Calcote said this morning that the rumors of his arrest were “abald-face lie,” and that he had not been arrested.

Officers at the sheriff’s department, police department and adrug enforcement agent said the telephone has been “ringing off thehook” with people questioning whether the sheriff had beenarrested, including some calls from other law enforcementagencies.

Calcote said he had no idea what prompted the rumors.

“It’s just political stuff running out there,” he said. “Nothinghas happened.”

Local law enforcement authorities said, to their knowledge,there has been no unusual federal or state law enforcement presencein the county that could have prompted the rumors.