Abandoned kittens receive unintended ‘death sentence’

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Employees at Hartley Gove Sons Thermometer plant arrived to workthis morning to find the bodies of four abandoned kittens thatcould have been saved if Brookhaven Animal Rescue League officialshad been notified.

“Those kittens were at a good age to adopt,” said Hartley GoveSons Thermometer President Ed Gove.

Employees said that someone left the kittens there with a bowlof food on the steps and that stray dogs must have killed thekittens during the night. Today was not the first time employeeshave found abandoned animals at the plant.

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“We have come to work and found puppies tied to trees, kittensthat were left on the lawn and dogs thrown over into the cages,”said Hartley Gove Sons Thermometer plant secretary Kim Gove.

Ed Gove was troubled by the latest incident.

“There were four kittens about eight-weeks old, chewed up andscattered across our office front lawn,” Ed Gove said. “It’s aterrible way to start your work day.”

Several times a year employees find abandoned animals that havebeen left overnight. Oftentimes these animals are found dead, saidEd Gove.

“It’s tragic because people think they are helping their animalsand actually it may be a death sentence to leave them,” hesaid.

It is important that people contact the league and not justleave animals at an unmanned facility, Ed Gove said.

“Do not bring cats to the rescue league,” Ed Gove said. “Theyneed to call the BARL cell at (601) 757-4367. Someone checks themessages daily and will call and tell you where to take them.”

The current Brookhaven Animal Rescue League facility only housesdogs in outside cages behind the thermometer plant. Cats are housedat local veterinarian clinics until they can be adopted.

“We heard a cat meowing last week and found a little gray kittenoutside,” Kim Gove said. “We took it to the vet and now it has beenadopted.”

BARL is currently constructing a new facility near thethermometer plant that will house both dogs and cats. Grantsreceived will help fund phase one of the project along with publicdonations.

“So far we have raised over $6,000 for the grant where they willmatch one dollar for two,” Ed Gove said.

BARL recently received a grant from the Frances McDonough AnimalCare Fund that for every two dollars raised by the league the grantwill give another one dollar up to $5,000.

“We are calling on the public to help us with contributions withour new shelter currently under construction where we will behousing not only dogs, but puppies, kittens and cats,” Ed Govesaid.