Girl Scouts donate books to library

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Girl Scouts Troop 923 of Brookhaven donated books to the LincolnCounty Public Library on Monday afternoon.

The juniors and brownies of Troop 923 have been selling cookiesto raise money for the year.

“They are taking part of their cookie money to buy books as away of giving back to the community. They are donating 44 books tothe library,” said Ursula Nelson, fourth-year Girl Scoutleader.

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The girls took a trip to a bookstore and selected the booksthemselves.

Donna Kenney, children’s librarian, accepted the books on behalfof the library. Kenney mentioned what a pleasure it is to have theGirl Scouts meet at the library on occasions.

“I am just very pleased that they are encouraging these youngpeople to give back to the community. They are very enthusiastic,”said Kenney, who thanked the girls for their hard work andkindness.

The juniors and brownies who presented the books were EricaNelson, 8; Markeia Brown, 7; Vanessa Henderson, 11; TamashaBuckley,11; Kyla Wilcher, 8; Jada Hardy, 7; and JameishaKelly,8.

“It was hard because you have to find a lot of people to sellcookies to. It takes a lot of time to get it done,” said Kelly, asecond-year Girl Scout.

The troop has Saturday meetings at Damascus Missionary BaptistChurch on California Road.

“One major thing we are going to have as a whole is a lock-in.All the troops in Lincoln County are going to participate,” saidgroup leader Nelson.

The event will take place at the Skate Zone on Second Street inNovember.

The girls will soon begin working toward their cooking badge aswell as a “Bronze Award.” The top award is presented to juniorsGirl Scouts only and earned by working on first aid and safety.

A mother/daughter tea event will be held later in December forall Girl Scout troops. In the spring, a father/daughter dance willalso take place.