Schools review security policies

Published 5:00 am Monday, October 9, 2006

In the wake of a rash of school violence in past weeks, schoolofficials here are reviewing and revising security policies andprocedures.

“We’re basically ensuring that we’re doing everything that we’veoutlined to do (in previous plans),” said Lea Barrett,superintendent of the Brookhaven School District. “The main thingis to stay cautious, alert and aware.”

Lincoln County School District Superintendent Terry Brister saidhis district is also “reviewing everything right now. We’re notpanicking by any means, but we are being much more thorough.”

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Barrett said staff meetings have already been held to encouragefaculty to remain observant and to report any incidents, regardlessof how trivial they may seem at the time.

“I’m telling them not to feel embarrassed to report somethingthat seems insignificant at the time,” she said.

Also, some security measures have been increased slightly,Barrett said. Entries in low traffic areas are being locked toprevent someone from entering from the outside. Crash bars on thedoor still allow their use for leaving the building.

“That’s not new, it’s just a little tighter than it’s been,” shesaid. “We’ve been doing that for many years.”

Brister said the county district “may lock a few extra doors,but mainly we’re more conscious of them and pay more attention tothem.”

County administrators will meet Monday or Tuesday to discuss anychanges to existing security procedures, he said.