Crews repairing water line

Published 6:00 am Thursday, November 16, 2006

Traffic on Whitworth Avenue may be blocked for the next few daysas city employees work to solve a burst main water pipedowntown.

Lanny Dickey, water superintendent, said a water main in frontof Brown Electric on Whitworth Avenue has split and there are norepair clamps long enough to seal the breach.

In order to make repairs, he said, city crews are digging downto the main line at the intersections of Whitworth Avenue withCourt Street and Monticello Street to install valves to shut offthe water on the block.

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Current water practices are to install shutoff valves at allintersections when laying water pipes. Unfortunately, he said, halfa century ago valves were spaced differently.

“These lines are probably 50 to 75 years old,” Dickey said.

The repairs will take several days, Dickey said, resulting intraffic changes.

While uncovering the main water line at Whitworth Avenue andCourt Street, employees discovered a large drainage pipe,perpendicular to the main and running along Court Street, had alsobeen opened and blocked with debris. Crews will also repair thatline while they have it uncovered, he said.