Citizens make resolutions for the 2007 New Year

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, January 3, 2007

With the turn of the new year quickly approaching, localresidents are already making plans for 2007.

Many of those residents’ new year’s resolutions include buildinga stronger focus on God, in addition to more traditional goals likelosing weight and getting out of debt.

Wendy Graham, insurance manager for Brookhaven Ear, Nose andThroat Clinic, said her New Year’s resolutions include creating aspending budget, beginning college, continuing art lessons andlosing more weight. Graham hopes to lose 40 pounds this year, inaddition to the weight she lost in 2006.

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“I think, since I lost the weight, I’ve gained more control,”Graham said. “Now I have the will power, and I know I can doit.”

Graham will begin paralegal classes at Hinds Community Collegeon Jan. 15.

“I will feel powerful if I can accomplish all this,” shesaid.

Terri Smith, a Brookhaven Academy kindergarten teacher, said hergoal for the new year is to exercise more often. She said theresolution is a frequent one for her.

“I tend to stick with it very well in the beginning, but then Ifall behind.”

Smith said she feels everyone has room for improvement in somearea of their life.

“You always feel you can do better about something,” Smithsaid.

Matt White, 8, said he was going to “try to be real good thisyear” for his mother Amanda White.

Bernice Martin, 88, said she wants to be a better person for hercommunity and to do what is right for everybody. She also wants tosee her grandson, who is serving his third tour of duty in theArmy, come home this year.

Barbara Pepper, a retired registered nurse, who has beensuccessful in losing weight in the past, said she gained an extraeight or 10 pounds over the holidays. Her goal for the new year isto lose the additional weight.

Pepper also plans to continue her volunteer service withEasthaven Baptist Church. She spends several days each weekassisting seniors, such as Martin, with errands like shopping.

Cardella Cameron, a Wal-Mart Distribution Center employee, saidher resolutions include being a better person for her family.

“This year I hope families will spend more time together andlove like we’re supposed to. We need to keep God first ineverything we do and have more love for each other,” she said.

Jamadia Cameron, also a Wal-Mart Distribution Center employee,shared her Aunt Cardella’s hope for a blessed new year foreveryone. Jamadia’s personal goal for 2007 is to manage her moneybetter, she said.

Joe Allbritton, co-owner of Legacy Toyota, said that although hehas intentions for making improvements in his life, he never reallymakes a formal resolution from year to year.

“I may file something mentally, but I don’t get too seriousabout it,” he said.

Allbritton said his hopes for the new year are to watch hisweight, keep the right priorities and have a better understandingof other people’s situations.

Brookhaven Police Department Officer Penny Banks and hercolleague BPD Officer Eric Malone agreed that their goals for nextyear are to focus more on God.

“Everything needs to be more about God’s business,” Bankssaid.

Malone said he wants to put more trust in the Lord in the comingyear.

“I want to let the Lord handle things and not be so botheredabout the pressures of everyday life,” Malone said.