Jump rope clinic set for Jan. 20

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 11, 2007

Studies continue to show physical fitness in children andteenagers is in a downward spiral. The Junior Auxiliary and theBrookhaven Recreation Department are looking to give kids a newhobby.

The Heart ‘N Soul Competitive Jump Rope Team from Baton Rougewill be in Brookhaven on Saturday, Jan. 20, to conduct a clinic forkids second grade and up.

The clinic will be held at the Brookhaven Recreation Departmenton Highway 51. Registration will start at 9 a.m. and there is a $10participation fee.

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“It’s gymnastics and jump rope combined. It’s really cool,” saidEmily Henderson, of the Brookhaven Junior Auxiliary.

The Jump Rope Institute’s primary mission is to educate,motivate, and encourage Americans, especially children, to use jumprope as a way to cross train, lose weight, promote fitness, andhave fun. According to the organization, jumping rope candramatically improve cardiovascular health in only five to 10minutes a day, meanwhile improving hand-eye coordination, andconcentration.

“They’re going to learn all these different moves, like anX-motion, a wounded duck, a fling, a twister… they’ve got allthese weird names for all these fancy moves,” Henderson said.

The clinic will conclude with a show for family and friends inwhich the children will showcase what they learned in the workshop.There will also be an exhibition by the Heart ‘N Soul CompetitiveJump Rope Team.

Only the first 100 children to sign up will be allowed toparticipate as the Jump Rope Team based upon space limitations. Thedeadline to sign up is Wednesday, Jan. 17.

If attendance is not filled by that time, children will beallowed to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis at the dooron Jan. 20. Clinic organizers hope kids will take home the skillsthey learn and use them permanently.

“The best thing about jumping rope is that it’s something thekids could do out in the neighborhood,” said Terry Reid, directorof the Recreation Department. “We’d love to have a team, but it’salso something they can do at home.”

The clinic is part of an ongoing effort by the Junior Auxiliaryto make a difference in the overall health of the children of thearea.

“We’re trying to put more focus on things that are going to helpkids have a healthy lifestyle, and this is a great way,” saidHenderson. “It’s like the cheapest sport anyone could ever do andhave such a great outcome.”