Board approves park cleanup

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 18, 2007

Monticello aldermen moved forward in efforts to clean up AtwoodWater Park Tuesday.

Ward Five Alderman Craig Davis said the park resembled a”disaster area” following work to thin the timber at the park andprepare for future improvements, such as a paved parking area.

Bar C was hired Tuesday to clean areas surrounding the campsitesand stage at a cost of $950 per day for 14 days, or $13,300. Bar Csubmitted the lowest price of a handful received by the board.

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“This does not include stumps. We’ll do stumps later,” saidMayor David Nichols.

Also, other areas of the park will be cleaned up later, hesaid.

The town is under some pressure to clean the park quickly. Thetown’s biggest event, the Atwood Music Festival, draws thousands ofvisitors to Monticello each year and is scheduled for May.

Nichols said he was confident the town could clean the park,repair campsite utility pedestals damaged during the timbering andmake other necessary improvements prior to the festival.

Nichols said Bar C was ready to begin operations as soon as itgot the word, and he expected work to proceed quickly.

“We know them,” the mayor said. “This is the same company weused to clean the town after (Hurricane) Katrina. They did a prettygood job cleaning the town up.”

Ward Four Alderman Kevin Garrett said it was comforting to knowthe town has had previous dealings with the company hired for thework.

“I’m very nervous about a per day agreement,” Garrett said, “butI’m satisfied with the safeguards being built into thecontract.”