Background helps prepare Jordan for Multi-Use Facility challenge

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A career that includes marketing and livestock helped QuinnJordan become the first full-time manager of the Lincoln CountyMulti-Use Facility.

“We want to have a facility people are proud to be a part of andnot just proud to come to,” Jordan said. “This is a public servicefacility and we want people to take advantage of it.”

The new manager said he is fortunate to take the reins of afacility that has already developed a strong rapport with thecommunity it serves.

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“We have a tremendous amount of community support,” Jordan said.”I’m very encouraged. We just need more involvement to really makethis thing go off without a hitch.”

The Franklin County native took a winding career course thatultimately provided plenty of training for the position he acceptedJan. 15.

Jordan moved to Brookhaven at the age of 4 and graduated fromBrookhaven High School in 1996. He later earned an Associate of theArts degree at Copiah-Lincoln Community College before obtaining abachelor’s degree in marketing in 2000 from MississippiCollege.

While pursuing his Mississippi College degree, Jordan internedat MCI WorldCom. He remained in the marketing department there fortwo more years after graduation.

“It was a good learning experience. They gave opportunities notbased on age but on abilities and work ethic,” he said, thenturning philosophical. “It’s not age but what they have in theirheart that is the biggest judging factor of an individual.”

Jordan left MCI WorldCom to become general manager of the familybusiness, Brookhaven Milling Company, in 2002.

He also become actively involved in several local organizations,including the Lincoln County Livestock Association and the budgetcommittee of Heuck’s Retreat Baptist Church. He also became “highlyinvolved” in the local 4-H Club and has served as a member of theSale of Champions committee.

His background as a part-time farmer and a team roper who hasbeen around agriculture and horses since a child has also helpedhim prepare for his new role, Jordan said.

Around the time the family decided to sell Brookhaven MillingCompany, the Multi-Purpose management position became available. Itseemed a natural fit.

“I was at a crossroads in my life and I was looking at doingsomething that impacted the community,” Jordan said. “I think myperformance background has helped me the most here. I’m a highlymotivated individual that expects results. I’m always up for achallenge – and this certainly is a challenge.”

As the manager of day-to-day operations at the complex, Jordanis responsible for coordinating a wide range of events to appeal toan wider audience.

“It takes a very well-rounded individual to assume this role,”he said. “My target audience is the general population of Lincolnand surrounding counties and that’s a wide variety of interests Ihave to be versed in. From weddings to rodeos, I’ve got to be ableto connect with all groups of people.”

Jordan said he hopes to promote the facility in such a way thatit can break free of its money-losing history.

“I think this facility has served under its potential for a longtime. The (Lincoln County Multi-Purpose Complex Commission) and Ihave been charged to completely utilize it while staying within theparameters of our current budget and that’s what we intend todo.”

There is much more to the complex than the large single room andlivestock arena, Jordan said, and that needs to be promoted.Existing programs also need to be highlighted.

The process of making the complex profitable will not be doneovernight, Jordan said, but the new manager has every intention ofsetting it down the right road.