Drugs seized from county man’s home

Published 6:00 am Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department is holding Daniel L.Thompson, of 3154 East Lincoln Road, on four counts of drugpossession with intent to distribute after confiscating over 180pills of methamphetamine, methadone, alprozalam and hydrocodonefrom his residence on Tuesday.

“During the course of Investigator David Johnson’sinvestigation, we issued a warrant to search a residence at 3154East Lincoln Dr.,” said Sheriff Steve Rushing. “That was wheninvestigators discovered the drugs and weapons.”

Investigators also confiscated seven guns and over $2,000 incash from Thompson’s residence. The drugs were hidden in a can witha removable bottom, as well as a pringles can.

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At this time, the sheriff’s department is not able to say ifthere are other suspects in the investigation.

Johnson, who had been working on the case for about a week, saidthe drugs found in Thompson’s residence were not unusual for thearea, but the amounts found were above the normal size for a drugbust.

“I’m just glad to get them off the street,” he said.

Rushing said the sheriff’s department confiscated 12 grams ofcrystal meth and 135 hydrocodone pills, in addition to assortedmethadone and alprozalam pills. Alprozalam is a generic name forXanax.

Investigators have not yet tabulated the street value of thedrugs taken from Thompson’s house.

“Ice is really picking up more in popularity,” said Rushing,talking about the crystal methamphetamine. “We’re starting to seemore of that on the street.”