Supervisors weighing pros, cons of bus service plan

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lincoln County supervisors continue to mull a proposal thatwould provide transportation services for the community’s elderlyresidents.

Earlier this month, the board was pitched a proposal in whichthe county would partner with the Southwest Mississippi Planningand Development District to give rides to area senior citizens.Under a grant the agency has received, there would be no cost tothe county until Aug. 31, but officials estimate the cost afterthat date to be around $32,000 a year for a driver’s salary andother operational expenses.

Last week, supervisors postponed a decision on whether toparticipate until they could get more information on how theservice is going in other counties. Also, board members alluded tocalls from constituents who were both in favor of and opposed tothe transportation service proposal.

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For every day the board delays its decision, the county is ineffect losing out on another day of free transportation serviceoperation.

There is no doubt the service would be a valuable benefit tomany of this county’s elderly residents, but supervisors must beable to justify the long-term expense associated with theproject.

If you think the transportation service is needed, let yoursupervisor know. If you believe the long-term costs are anunnecessary expenditure, then board members need to know that aswell.