Construction resumes on 42 condominiums

Published 5:00 am Monday, March 26, 2007

Local company Home Options LLC has acquired ownership ofSouthgate Condominiums on Virginia Avenue and has commencedconstruction on the project in order to have units immediatelymarketable.

“We’ve got 42 units and it’s so exciting to see it all cometogether,” said Rachel Brumfield, marketing coordinator for HomeOptions. “There’s a desperate need in Brookhaven for patio homestyle dwellings that are new and beautiful, and these areconvenient to town. They also meet the needs of people who desirestyle that is low-maintenance.”

Brumfield said the homes are perfect for young professionals,retirees, or first-time homeowners, especially those whoselifestyle doesn’t afford them the luxury of a lot of time for yardwork.

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Home Options management is also coordinating all activities withcounty and city officials in an attempt to meet or exceed all cityzoning and code expectations, since the complex is currentlylocated in the proposed city annexation area. The units willinclude two- and three- bedroom units with two baths. Thetwo-bedroom units will consist of approximately 1,243 square feetand the three-bedroom units will be approximately 1,317 squarefeet. They will be priced at $109,900 and $119,900,respectively.

“Since we’ve acquired this development, we’ve been overeverything with a fine-tooth comb, and each and every unit has beenchecked to make sure it’s the best quality patio home we can offerthe area,” said Brumfield. “I’m really excited to be a part of thisteam to help move Brookhaven forward by providing quality housingto people relocating in the area.”

Richard Johnson, President of Home Options and certified homedeveloper, said his company is enthused at being able to fill agrowing need in the community.

“We’re having a really positive response from everyone we’vetalked to,” he said. “In as far as the need, I’ll let the marketmake that decision. I believe we definitely have a need present forthis kind of option for home buyers.”

Johnson also said this project is important to Home Optionsbecause of its location.

“This is in our own backyard, and we know there’s an openinghere for this kind of development. Had this project been sitting inHammond, Louisiana, or somewhere like that we would not haveaggressively tried to get it,” he said. “We know the city officialsand what to expect from everyone involved and we wanted to be apart of Brookhaven’s forward progress.”

The Chamber of Commerce and Home Options will host aribbon-cutting for Southgate on April 3, with a tour of homes andrefreshments to follow. Anyone interested can contact the Chamberof Commerce at (601)833-1411 or Rachel Brumfield at(601)754-8757.