Dist. 4 candidates emphasize community business park

Published 5:00 am Monday, July 16, 2007

Editor’s note: Today The DAILY LEADER begins a series ofquestions and answers with candidates for District Four Supervisor.Candidates C.E. “Eddie” Brown, Earl Brown, Charles Davis, JeffFauver and incumbent W.D. “Doug” Moak responded to the newspaper’ssurvey.

The county, city and chamber are working together todevelop a new business park for the community. What can you do assupervisor to fill this new park with quality jobs for LincolnCounty citizens?

C.E. “Eddie” Brown: As Supervisor I wouldemphasize a close working relationship between county, city andchamber officials. By doing this we would have a stronger force inobtaining grants to build the new industrial park. The sooner thefunding is available the faster jobs can begin on constructionthrough permanent employment with new businesses. But everythingdepends on working together to obtain this.

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Earl Brown: To cooperate with businesses in allareas of the law. To encourage private businesses to seek outpossibility, viability and opportunity of having availability tothe business park.

Charles Davis: I would use my time and effortsto work hard with the county, city, and chamber to develop andbring industries to the park. Then, we could work together forquality jobs for the citizens of Lincoln County.

Jeff Fauver: Pursue industry beyond stateboundaries, getting the community involved in the process. Few maystand, but numbers rule.

W. D. “Doug” Moak: It is my responsibility tobe a part of a team effort. This team will require that theSupervisors work together as a board. A cooperative relationship ofthe Board of Supervisors along with city officials and the Chamberof Commerce Industrial Foundation is a must to accomplish ourgoals, ranging from the Park’s infrastructure from beginning tocompletion, a certain amount of site preparation, and providing”attractive” incentives for potential business prospects.