Private carts may soon cruise Wolf Hollow

Published 5:00 am Friday, August 3, 2007

WESSON – Some golfers at Wolf Hollow will be able to use theirprivate golf carts as of Oct. 1, thanks to a decision made by theCo-Lin Board of Trustees at their August meeting Thursday.

Until recently, private carts have not been allowed on thecourse. But recent housing developments near the campus on landsold by the college have forced board members to revisit thepolicy.

Co-Lin President Dr. Howell Garner presented a recommendation tothe board Thursday night that some private carts be allowed underfour conditions.

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The first condition was that the owner of the golf cart must bea resident of a housing development adjoining Wolf Hollow. Anannual fee of $250 or a quarterly fee of $75 will be assessed tothe owner of the private cart.

Thirdly, only two people may be named to use the cart under theinitial fee, and one must be with the cart at all times while it ison the course. If they would like to allow friends or guests to usethe cart, those individuals must pay regular cart fees.

Finally, one of the two listed individuals must check in withthe golf pro shop before playing each round.

The question of insurance came up, but Business Manager MichaelTanner and Board Attorney Jim Henley assured the group that therewas no additional liability to the college with the new policy.They said the only time the liability would come in is if there wassome negligence on the part of the college or the golf course.

The board also discussed the renovations to Smith Hall, whichare a little behind schedule. Crews are still working to have itdone by the start of school.

“It’s a major, major project,” said Garner. “Having taken thetour, it’s doable, but everyone’s going to have to be going prettystrong here at the end.”

Board member Melton King agreed.

“I’m impressed with what I see, but it will be tough to getfinished before school starts,” he said.

Garner said officials are not without a backup plan,however.

“We may have to use some other facilities for a short while,” hesaid. “But it’s a very workable solution if we can’t get itcompletely done exactly on time. It’s a big project, but we’regoing to get there.”

The update was also given on the new bathroom project at StoneStadium, which Garner said is another project of which his boardwould be proud.

“We’re doing this all in-house,” he said. “It’ll be really niceas soon as it’s finished and it’ll be ready before the first highschool home game. I believe you all will be really proud.”