Courthouse parking lot opens Monday morning

Published 5:00 am Monday, August 27, 2007

A new paved parking lot for the Lincoln County-BrookhavenGovernment Complex will officially open Monday morning, hopefullyeasing traffic congestion at the facility, officials said.

The parking lot, with two entrances on Chickasaw Street, willhost 61 angled spots. Motorists will maneuver in a U-shape throughthe lot.

Construction on the lot was begun in late June, but Julyrainstorms slowed down the crews. The crews were able, however, tomake up the time and the lot is opening on schedule.

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“They’ve still got to come in and sweep it and a few otherthings, but it will looks like it will be open Monday morning,”said Gary Walker, president of the board of supervisors.

Walker said the parking lot was long overdue.

“I think Greenbriar (Digging Service) did an excellent job andI’m proud of how it turned out,” he said. “I think it will help theparking problem we have at the courthouse.”

Walker requested all employees at the government complex use thenew parking lot to free up spaces closer to the facility forvisitors.

“Some time or another, every person in the county has to come tothe courthouse and, right now, it’s a big hassle to find parking,especially on court days,” said Chancery Clerk Tillmon Bishop. “Itshouldn’t be that way.”

Decorative fencing to encircle the lot is still a possibilitybeing considered, he said.

“Fencing is not part of the contract and doing any fencing atall is subject to the pricing,” Bishop said.

Construction of the lot left some areas for planned greenery,but those arrangements are still being made, Walker said.

Bishop said he was talking with the local Master Gardeners aboutplanning and landscaping the lot. Jail inmates could be used tomaintain it, he said.