Chamber, Henderson to present shoplifting seminar

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Confronting a shopper who might be stealing merchandise is anawkward situation that many shopowners have had to face.

The Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce is bringing inthe “big guns” to help advise business owners on how to handle suchsituations. Police Chief Pap Henderson will be presenting a freeseminar on “What To Do If You Suspect Someone Of Shoplifting” atthe chamber Thursday at 8 a.m.

“It’s for the business people, things to look for and laws thatapply,” said Henderson, who said he will bring Capt. Roger Wilsonand Lt. Joe Portrey with him to help in the presentation. “It’s notthe biggest crime in Brookhaven, but it’s a real one, and thetemptation is always there for some people.”

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Cliff Brumfield, chamber of commerce executive vice president,said he believes the presentation is a good way for shop owners toknow what to look for and how to handle the problem once they’vefound it.

“The chamber is glad to provide a course in collaboration withChief Henderson to provide information to store owners on the verysensitive yet very serious subject of shoplifting,” he said.”Although this does not happen with particularly high frequency inour community, it does happen everywhere and it puts the storeowner in a predicament for not only having to control losses, butalso having to confront a local shopper.”

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