Nuisance animal hunt rules change

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks say itwill soon be easier for landowners to rid their property of certainkinds of nuisance animals.

MDWFP Capt. Jamie Cummins said, as of Oct. 31, landowners mayhunt nuisance animals such as nutria, beaver, fox skunks, wild hogsand coyotes on their own land with whatever caliber of gun theychoose if they have a permit.

“This is just a proactive approach to dealing with nuisanceanimals on private lands,” he said. “And it’s primarily aimed atthe hogs, since they’re nocturnal.”

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Cummins said the law applies day or night with no weaponrestriction to those with permits from March 1 to the day prior tothe opening of deer archery season.

From the opening of deer season to the last day of February,landowners or their agents with permits may continue as usual, butthose without the special permit may hunt the nuisance animalsduring the day with the caliber weapon in season. Those withoutpermits may hunt the animals at night with the aid of a light usingstandard rim fire rifles or handguns no larger than .22 caliber andshotguns up to No. 6.

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