Volunteer firefighters continue efforts to provide better service

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The recent announcement of the Bogue Chitto Volunteer FireDepartment’s attainment of a Class 8 fire rating represents anothersignificant step forward in county firefighters’ efforts to providebetter service to residents of their areas and to lower homeownerfire insurance premiums.

Earlier, the Hog Chain Volunteer Fire Department improved from aClass 10 to a Class 8 and the Zetus and New Sight departments roseto a Class 9. Efforts remain under way at other volunteer firedepartments to create grading districts in the territories theycover.

Better ratings are important not only in that they meanfirefighters are better equipped to respond to fires, but also inthat homeowners benefit from lower insurance premiums. Thereductions vary based on a number of construction- andpolicy-related factors, but one Hog Chain firefighter said he issaving $400 to $500 a year.

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Last week was designated as National Fire Prevention Week and itis timely for Bogue Chitto to receive its good news around thattime. While Bogue Chitto’s and other volunteer departments’ effortstoward better fire ratings will not necessarily prevent fires, thefirefighters’ work means they are better prepared to respond whenfires do start.