Currie wins House 92 post

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Republican House 92 Candidate Becky Currie defeated DemocratD.W. Maxwell for the opportunity to join Senator Cindy Hyde-Smithand fellow Representative Bobby Moak as part of the LincolnCounty’s legislative delegation.

Currie, who was declared the winner by a margin of 4,625 votesto Maxwell’s 2,175 district-wide, came out with a 68 percentvictory. She said she felt lucky to have won the seat, and that shefelt the race was one that was amicable and cleanly run.

“My opponent was very gracious and ran a good clean campaign,”she said. “We both ran on what we could do for District 92 withoutmudslinging, and that made for a very pleasurable campaign. Becauseof that we’ll be able to remain friends and work together in thefuture.”

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Maxwell, a city alderman from Brookhaven, said he was gratefulfor all the support he had received from his constituents.

“I congratulate Ms. Currie and I wish her the best,” he said.”And I’d like to express my appreciation to all the people who didgo out and support me for the representative post and I certainlyappreciate their vote and support.”

District 92 includes parts of Lincoln, Franklin and Copiahcounties.

Currie carried 67 percent of the vote in Lincoln County, with atotal of 3,836 votes to Maxwell’s 1,916. In Franklin County, Curriecarried 76 percent of the vote, with 665 to Maxwell’s 213. Copiah’stwo precincts rounded out the voting, with Currie carrying them 124votes, or 73 percent, to 45 votes for Maxwell.

“I just feel lucky and blessed to represent the people of thisdistrict. But as a nurse, a mother, and a grandmother, I representeveryone,” she said. “I’m excited about serving in the Housebecause it puts me in a better position to help people, which issomething I’ve tried to do all my life.”

Currie will succeed Dr. Jim Barnett, who did not seekre-election this year.

In other legislative races, incumbent House District 53 Rep.Bobby Moak defeated Constitution Party challenger Carl Mason. Moakgarnered 77 percent of the vote, with 4,761 votes, to Mason’s1,402. One precinct in Lawrence County had not reported in thedistrict that includes parts of Lincoln, Lawrence, Franklin Amiteand Pike counties.

Moak said he was happy about his win and grateful to his familyand supporters for all their hard work. He said he felt his win wasa statement by the people of his district.

“The voters are smart enough to make up their minds forthemselves,” he said. “They want to know what you’ve done and whatyou’re going to do for your area and how it impacts themindividually, so I never try to second guess that.”

Most importantly, Moak said, his constituents are people witheveryday worries he feels it is his job to work on.

“I know they’re concerned about everyday living,” he said.”During the election, they wanted to talk about some issues likegrocery tax one-on-one. If you listen to all the accounts, theeconomy is doing great, but individual families are having a hardtime. We need to work on how can we help them in those dailyissues.”

Moak carried 76 percent of Lincoln County, with 2,393 votes overMason’s 745. He had 310 votes in Amite County to Mason’s 107, or 74percent to 26 percent. Franklin County was also a decisive win forhim with 80 percent, or 1,306 votes going to Moak over Mason’s 330votes.

Lawrence County declared Moak the winner with all but oneprecinct reporting. Moak led Mason 455 votes to 146 votes, or a 76percent margin, in Lawrence County.

In Pike County, Moak’s 297 votes trumped Mason’s 74 votes.

Incumbent District 39 Democratic Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith scored adecisive win, defeating Republican challenger Edwin Case by amargin of 11,948 votes to 3,119 district-wide.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to another term, and Iappreciate the vote of confidence I’ve received from the people ofDistrict 39,” she said.

Hyde-Smith said her job has been a pleasure because she feels abond with the people she represents that goes beyond the politicaland into the personal.

“We’re so tight-knit in our communities that when I get a callfrom someone with a problem, I usually already know them prettywell,” she said. “This office puts you in a position where you canhelp, and I’m honored to be in a place where I can make adifference.”

Hyde-Smith won by a decisive 81 percent margin in LincolnCounty, with 7,206 votes over Case’s 1,723. With Lawrence Countyreporting all but one precinct, she was declared the winner with2,969 votes over Case’s 642. Simpson County also reported all butone precinct at the time Hyde-Smith was announced the winner with1,773 votes to 754 votes for Case.

Lincoln County Precinct by Precinct Results available at