Rounsaville touts experience in bid to succeed Pickering

Published 6:00 am Friday, November 16, 2007

John Rounsaville stopped in Brookhaven to see and be seen atlunch time on Thursday as he traveled through southern Mississippion a three-day tour of speaking to voters and shaking hands.

The Republican candidate for the state’s Third CongressionalDistrict met and spoke to a small group of supporters on the stepsof the Lincoln County-Brookhaven Government Complex and expoundedon his credentials to those who had gathered.

“I think I can be a representative for everybody,” Rounsavillesaid. “I have a broad background in policy issues, and I figure Ican cater to the policy interests of everybody.”

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Rounsaville informed the gathering that the Third CongressionalDistrict candidates were very similar, himself included. He saideach candidate would be pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and in favorof securing the nation’s borders. He touted his decade’s worth ofexperience as a top aide to retiring U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering andGov. Haley Barbour to convey his worth and set himself apart fromhis competition.

Rounsaville contended his experience in the state government willallow him to swiftly execute his duties as U.S. representative ifelected.

As deputy chief of staff and legislative director for Pickering,Rounsaville was involved with every legislative and appropriationseffort that was drawn up for the Third Congressional District. Heclaimed his familiarity with the processes and the area will allowhim to execute the duties of the district’s representative withoutthe benefit of any political guides.

“Anyone new to this job would need to hire a staff to familiarizethem and get them going,” Rounsaville said. “I already know theprocess. I’ve got the experience to hit the ground running on dayone.”

Rounsaville served under President George W. Bush as the USDA statedirector for Rural Development, and he plans to continue supportingthe agricultural and forestry industries.

However, he hopes to bring balance to the state by recruitingindustries and fostering economic development. With his experiencein these fields, Rounsaville said he “has something to offer toevery corner of the district.”