Lions clubs going nuts for holidays

Published 6:00 am Monday, November 26, 2007

During the holidays every year, the Brookhaven Lions Club goesnuts.

Pecans, to be exact.

The yearly pecan sale is under way, marking the beginning of oneof the Lions Club’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Thepecans are a favorite among many locals, said Noon Lions ClubPresident Danny Crozier.

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“People like pecans, and our membership is active in supportingthe community through this fundraising effort,” Crozier said. “Wehave a specialized product, and people enjoy them because they’rethis year’s crop, and they’re shelled halves.”

The pecans are available from Noon and Evening Lions Clubmembers and at many banks in Brookhaven.

Crozier said the proceeds go to help fund the club’s sight andhearing screenings and vision assistance. Each year the club sendsmembers into local schools with screening devices to test visionand hearing among elementary students among other efforts.

“We use the funds from our beauty pageant and pecan sales forvision screening and financial assistance for those individuals whocan’t get glasses and that kind of thing,” said Crozier. “That’swhat it’s used primarily for, for sight and hearing. But if thereare other worthwhile causes, this has been a pretty good year forus fundraising, and we might support them, too.”

The club has ordered 2,800 pounds of pecans for the yearlyfundraiser, which the club has been doing for several years.

“We sold about 2,700 last year,” said Crozier. “We end up doingpretty well with this fundraiser each year. We have people that buythree cases sometimes as gifts for customers and clients.”