Charity grateful for food pantry drive help

Published 6:00 am Thursday, December 13, 2007

The DAILY LEADER and the Bank of Brookhaven have collaboratedagain this holiday season to help three local charities assist theneedy through the Holiday Food Pantry. 1

The drive is designed to collect money donations to help thethree local charities stock their food pantries. After the Dec. 17deadline, the money gathered will go to the Bank of Brookhaven,where it will be counted and distributed equally among St. Francisof Assisi/St. Vincent DePaul, Union Hall Baptist Church, andBrookhaven Outreach Ministry.

St. Vincent DePaul at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church hasbeen providing sustenance for those in need for seven years. MarkNettles has volunteered at the church’s food pantry since it wasfounded.

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Seven years ago, Nettles was watching the television show Feedthe Children and it struck a cord with him as he realized a need tohelp feed the needy.

Soon afterward, the food pantry opportunity presented itself.Nettles, John Lowman, Becky Bowman, T.A. Boyd, and June Smith allvolunteer their time and energy at St. Vincent DePaul.

Nettles said food pantry drive is “great” and it is one of thebiggest contributors to St. Vincent DePaul.

“It’s kind of overwhelming to see so many people and otherchurches give to the food pantry drive that The DAILY LEADER andthe Bank of Brookhaven put on every year,” he said. “It’s agodsend, that’s what it is.”

Nettles said the food pantry serves around 700 families a yearand the needs picks up in the colder months.

“Wintertime is especially hard for people who depend on outsidework; they get slowed down,” he said. “The food pantry is very busyin the winter.”

Those in need contact the church and one of the five volunteerssets up a time to meet with them and give them the food.

“We like to do it that way because it gives the volunteer achance to talk to them and pray with them. Prayer with them seemsto mean so much,” Nettles said.

Nettles also likes to inquire about their understanding ofChristianity and try to help them in any way.

Nettles wanted to thank the community, The DAILY LEADER, and theBank of Brookhaven for their support.

“We are very grateful and the people who come here are verygrateful,” Nettles said.

Individuals and businesses that donate will be recognized dailyin the DAILY LEADER. Donations may be made in memory or in honor ofa loved one, and anonymous donations are welcome. Checks may bemade out to the Holiday Food Pantry and can be taken to The DAILYLEADER, at 128 North Railroad Ave., or the Bank of Brookhaven, at411 Brookway Blvd.

Monday, Dec. 17 is the deadline to make a donation.