Super Bowl pulls plenty of interest

Published 6:00 am Friday, February 1, 2008

Well, the Super Bowl is upon us. From the East Coast to the WestCoast and points in between; from the Canadian border to theMexican border, Americans are entranced by Sunday’s football gamebetween the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Can the Patriots become the first NFL team to finish 19-0 andclaim the Super Bowl championship?

Can Mississippi’s icon, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, overcomeall odds and lead New York to an upset victory?

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Can the refrigerator hold enough drinks, sandwiches, snacks anddips to keep the football fanatics happy Sunday evening duringSuper Bowl parties?

Can the non-football fans cope with the overwhelming onslaughtof gridiron fever?

If this is the biggest-ever game, why will the NFL play it againnext year?

Mississippi’s favorite son, Brett Favre, was knocked out of theSuper Bowl as the Giants edged the Green Bay Packers in overtime onthe frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. There was some consolationsince Eli, an Ole Miss hero like his father, Archie; was on thewinning team

In a poll of area high school and community college footballcoaches, the general opinion was that Eli and the Giants aresentimental favorites. Realistically, the Patriots are favored towin Super Bowl XLII.

Tucker Peavey, Brookhaven: I guess I’ll go withthe Patriots. They are a very good team. New England 28-17.

Mike Davis, Lawrence Co.: I’m pulling for theunderdog, the Giants. They are a hard-nosed, physical football teamwho can overcome adversity. New York 21-17.

Glenn Davis, Co-Lin: I’m pulling for thePatriots. I believe they have the best team. They have good playersand their chemistry is so good. They are mature and handlethemselves in a different manner than anybody else. New England31-20.

Charles Anthony, Southwest: I’ll pull for theGiants but the Patriots are playing so good. New England does agreat job developing team chemistry and they have added somesuperstar receivers. They get the right players for their systemand they get them plugged in. New England 28-24.

Ryan Ross, Loyd Star: I’m pulling for New Yorkand Eli. I like what the Patriots do and you can’t take that awayfrom them. I won’t be disappointed either way. New England31-20.

Tommy Clopton, Wesson: I’m gonna pull for theGiants. I think they have proved something to themselves when theyhad a chance to beat the Patriots the last time. The Giants aretough, physical and they get after it. New York 24-20.

Scotty Cline, Copiah Academy: I’m pulling forthe Giants because Eli is from Ole Miss. I’m going with theunderdog. New York 35-32.

Gareth Sartin, Bogue Chitto: I think thePatriots are going to win. It will be a high-scoring game. Bothoffenses have a lot of weapons. New England 35-31.

Roe Burns, Enterprise: I’m pulling for theGiants because of Eli. I think they have a shot at beating NewEngland. I expect New England to win 24-17, due to their pastexperience in big games.

Bo Milton, Parklane Academy: If you look at iton paper, New England should win by four touchdowns. You can’t ruleout the Giants if they keep it close. If New England starts fast,the Giants are going to have a hard time. New England 33-24.

Randy Martin, McComb: I’d pull for the Giantsbecause of Manning. I think the Patriots will win because they areso consistent. The coaches and the players have been there for awhile. They’ve got a bunch of old heads New England 28-24.

Randall Huffman, South Pike: I’m pulling forNew York because of Eli. The Giants have to play solid defense andcontrol the football. New York 24-21.

Herbert Davis Jr., Brookhaven Academy: It willbe hard to beat those Patriots. They have a lot of veteran playerswho are more interested in doing what it takes to makechampionships instead of making money. They have great leadership,too. The chemistry that Belichick brought in is the right stuff.New England 35-24.

Chris Smith, North Pike: It’s hard not to pullfor Eli but then you would like to be a part of history and see NewEngland go 19-0. The Patriots are by far the better football teambut that’s why you play the game. New England 28-24.

Brooks Burns, West Lincoln: I’m for the Giants.I’m tired of seeing and hearing about New England but they are atotal team, the cream of the crop. I’d like to see Eli win and getrid of that flak he’s always been getting. New England is kind ofold on defense. New York 21-17.

We say New England XXVII-XVII.

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