Dr. A.L. Lott baseball deadline nears

Published 6:00 am Monday, February 25, 2008

Deadlines for Dr. A.L. Lott baseball are looming on the horizon,and organizers say while numbers are low early in sign-up, they’rehoping for turnout to pick up.

Brookhaven Recreation Department Director Terry Reid said acampaign to get the word out is leaving no stone unturned, asflyers have been sent home with students from school, as well asbeing handed out at both recreation department offices. Inaddition, information is being released on cable television, twolocal radio stations, and through print sources.

In addition, Brookhaven High School baseball players will teacha free baseball clinic the week of March 10-13 to try and generatemore interest in the league.

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“We’re going to try to register some kids there, and get kids’individual attention on all the aspects of the game,” Reid said.”Plus, it’s during spring break, so we’re going to put a push onthat week to try to get them to come in and get interested insigning up.”

Currently there are four coaches who have volunteered and a fewchildren, Reid said.

“We’re looking for three teams in each age group, and you need12 people per team,” he said. “That’s what we’re aiming for.”

The deadline to sign up for Dr. A.L. Lott baseball is March 14,Reid said. He said if there are not enough children signed up toplay on that date, the league will not play. He said there will notbe a sign-up extension as uniforms and other equipment will need tobe ordered.

Reid said recreation department officials attempt to fieldenough players for Lott baseball every year because organizedsports like baseball are not only good for the physical health of achild, but also for socialization skills.

“You get to meet new friends and be in an organization and learnto play by the rules,” he said. “It all benefits a child as far associalization goes.”

This year the league will have commissioners for parents andcoaches to go to with questions, concerns and praise. Randy Belcherand Kenneth Smith will serve as the liaisons between the recreationdepartment and the league, which should help people know theirvoices are being heard and their needs are being addressed.

But most importantly, Reid said, the children will be able toreceive all the positive benefits of being a part of a baseballteam.

“It’s about learning sportsmanship and getting hands-onexperience,” he said. “You get to be around good role models in thecoaches, and we have a draft so no team is dominant and every teamwill have an equal shot to win.”

The season lasts 10 weeks. Reid said more information isavailable at the Brookhaven Recreation Department, or by calling(601) 833-3791.