Driver back home after accident

Published 5:00 am Monday, April 28, 2008

The wife of a man involved in a fatal accident Wednesday eveningsaid he has multiple bruises and bone breaks, but that his heart iswhat hurts the most.

Sandra Cook, of Brookhaven, said her husband Rickey Cook, 48,just got home from University of Mississippi Medical Center inJackson, where he was sent from Lawrence County Hospital after hiscar collided head-on with that of Amanda M. Harvey, 28, ofMonticello, when he swerved to miss an animal in the road.

Harvey and her son Cole Harvey were traveling southbound onHighway 27 a little over four miles south of Highway 84 Wednesdayaround 5:30 p.m. when Cook said an animal ran out in front of herhusband’s car and he swerved to miss it. She said he couldn’t tellif it was a deer or a large dog, but that instinct took over and heswerved to avoid hitting the animal.

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“He saw an animal cross the road and he tried to dodge it, hesaid,” said Cook of her husband. “These bruises and cuts and brokenbones on him are nothing compared to the pain in his heart.”

Both Harvey, and her son, who was sitting in the passenger seat,were pronounced dead on the scene. Neither of them were wearingtheir seat belts.

“When she swerved, he doesn’t know if she was trying to avoidhim or the animal,” said Cook. “Mentally this is tearing himup.”

Cook said her husband has a punctured lung, three broken ribs, abroken arm and wrist, and a swollen ankle, but that he is home now.She said he has been speaking with clergy about the accident.

“We’ve had our preacher over here, because it’s hurting hisheart worse than any of the bones or bruises or anything,” shesaid. “He said he didn’t care if all his bones were broken, he justwishes he could take the place of those people.”