Bones ID’d as missing grandmother

Published 6:00 am Monday, December 8, 2008

The local family member of a woman missing for almost a year anda half in McComb said his family can finally have closure now thatofficials have informed him that bones found in Pike County arethose of his grandmother.

Ruby Lee Wells, 72, 1109 Moore’s Ave., McComb, was last seen ather residence July 22, 2007, officials said. An Alzheimer’spatient, Wells had a history of wandering off. Officials said a dogthat lived in the area had brought home a long bone and a shoe overthe past few months.

When the dog turned over a human skull in late November, thediscovery kicked off a weekend hunt in the woods near HigginsMiddle School football field and the north side of Higgins Drivejust outside the McComb city limits. The Higgins area is whereWells had been living when she disappeared.

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Officials said the remains were sent to the crime lab for DNAanalysis.

Wells’ grandson, Bobby Thomas of Brookhaven, said his mother gotthe call Saturday morning that tests confirmed the remains as thoseof his grandmother.

“We got a call from the detective that has been working the case,and he said they were her remains,” Thomas said. “We don’t have alot to go on right now, but they did do another (DNA) swab thisweek and they do know it’s her, to make a long story short.”

Thomas said his family is glad to have the mystery of hisgrandmother’s disappearance finally solved, and are relived to beable to move on and grieve.

“We’ve finally got closure,” he said. “But I’m okay. We have a lotof people praying for us.”

Thomas said he feels that part of what has buoyed his familythrough the events surrounding his grandmother’s disappearance hasbeen the support of his church family at First Baptist Church.

“Rev. Warnock and my church family have really been there tosupport me through this,” he said. “They’re the reason I’ve made itthrough the hard times – their prayer and support.”

Wells’ funeral arrangements have not yet been made.