Live Nativity scene Fri., Sat.

Published 6:00 am Thursday, December 18, 2008

The New Sight Baptist Church is giving community members achance to experience scenes from the birth of Christ… from thewarmth of their own cars.

The live Nativity scene, which will be made up of animals andactors, was scheduled to take place last week, but the muddyweather held up the event. Pastor Calvin Price said the setup andall its life-sized components will be ready to go this Friday from6-9 p.m. and Saturday from 5-8 p.m. instead.

“We’ll have live animals, and there’ll be a platform behind thestage where the angels are, a tent for the wise men, and sheep,goats, cows and donkeys,” he said, adding that there was one minorhitch when casting the crew. “The camels will be wooden, notlive.”

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Price said Nativity scene viewers won’t have to pay a dime tosee the show, and that is because it is set up as a ministry and aservice to bring the community Christmas spirit. He said he had noproblem recruiting actors either.

“We just asked them (church members) if they wanted to volunteerand everyone got on board very quickly,” he said. “It hasn’t beenhard to get people to play the parts.”

The church is located on New Sight Drive, and Price said it’snot hard to find, especially once the sun sets.

“We’ll have bags with candles set up in front of the church sothere’s no mistaking you’re there,” he said. “There’s a big fieldand you drive through, and come out the other side.”

Price said this is the first of many years the church will dothe scene, hopefully. He said the idea was one that had been on thehearts of church members for a few years, and that they finally gotthe ball rolling this year.

“We toyed with the idea last year, and finally put it into placethis year,” he said.