Longtime Alderwoman Greer not running again

Published 6:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Wesson political scene is bubbling with one currentalderwoman’s decision to not run for re-election and the March 6qualifying deadline looming large.

Wesson City Clerk Linda Dykes said with current Ward ThreeAlderwoman Lura Greer not running for re-election, the ward is opento a new representative. Billy Ellison and Patricia Carlisle havethrown their hats in the ring for the chance to be Greer’ssuccessor.

Greer has served the city as an alderwoman since 1993, Dykessaid. She said Greer had indicated that she is just ready to stepdown after so many years of service.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Kate Hampton has also picked up paperwork forWard Three, Dykes said.

“But I can’t count a candidate as running until the paperwork isin,” she said.

In Ward Four, Civil Defense Director Randle Drane is challengingincumbent Bobby Britt.

Ward One will see incumbent Kenneth Roberts matched againstchallenger Mike Douglas.

Ward Two Alderman John Welter and Alderman at large Van Grahamare both running unopposed, as is Mayor Alton Shaw, Dykes said.

Wesson politicians all run for office as Independents sincethere are no party systems set up in the town, Dykes said. Eachalderman candidate must have 15 signatures on a petition frominside his or her ward, and the mayor and alderman at large musthave 50 signatures.

“Things are a little different for us because there’s noprimary, just the general election in June,” Dykes said, comparingthe system to some larger cities.

The general election is held June 2.