Students present ‘Project Runway’

Published 6:00 am Friday, March 6, 2009

Stitching into their creative disciplines, Mississippi School ofthe Arts students will put on the glitz in their second season ofProject Runway at the Student Life Center cafeteria Saturday.

The competitive fashion show will begin at 7 p.m. with a $2admission fee for campus visitors.

Resident Life Counselor Barbara Davis, an organizer and sponsorof the event, is both excited and proud to see what this seasonwill entail.

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“(We’re) doing some things different from last season,” Davissaid,” taking it up a notch.”

As not to damper any creativity, the theme was left up toparticipating teams to deliberate this season.

“This year, we have added some features to the show and changedsome of the perimeters of the size of teams and opened the themeselection to the discretion of the students in order to give themmore creative liberty,” Davis said.

And projects will be judged on both creativity andexecution.

Judges with both a creative eye and respect for fashion arepulled in from the community to select winning teams.

The event, which has been in the works since January, is aneducation tool for students to practice and learn how to plug intheir skills in real world scenarios.

Davis said the show is not only running on the juices of visualart majors but will also dip into the creative minds of otherdisciplines as well.

For example, Olivia Holsten, a senior theater major, will beable to practice her art while handling makeup and hair.

Project Runway Season One stemmed from visual art studentsOlesja Gudovska and Erica Ferry, both of Meridian.

“The team not only produced the show, but created the outfitsthat won,” Davis said.

The themes to choose from last season were Evening Gown, StoryBook/Fairytale and Eco.

The winning team participated in Evening Gown, entering ashimmering gold evening dress modeled by Jasmine Murray and inStory Book/Fairytale entering a modern take on Little Red RidingHood with Maddie Miller sporting a plaid dress and hooded sweaterin the category.

This season will be produced by Kristen Perry, a senior, whowill be “learning to lead” through her role in the program, Davissaid.

“It is a big deal … and they (the students) do anextraordinary job,” she said.

“We have some very extraordinary talent and I think it would bereally fun for people to see what they are doing,” Davisreiterated.