Street closure for sewer line work

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dr. Louie Wilkins Drive will be closed for a few weeks whilecity crews work on sewer lines, officials said.

Water Department Director Lanny Dickey said a small portion ofthe street will be closed for three weeks while water and sewercrews do a road bore across Highway 51 just south of theintersection with Brookway Boulevard.

“You do a bore under the road so you don’t have to shut down thehighway,” Dickey said.

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Dr. Louie Wilkins Drive was formerly known as Comstock Street.Dickey said traffic can reach the doctor’s offices on that road bytaking South Smylie Street instead of Highway 51.

Brookhaven is currently in the process of working on severalsewer projects, as well as planning others as much of the city’ssewer system is many years old and it is time to replace some ofthe older concrete pipes. The city is laying plans to use somemoney from the national economic stimulus toward the sewer systemonce it is clear how much money the city will receive.

“That’s the only area we’re working on at the present time,”Dickey said. “In the near future, we’ll be doing one at SouthCleveland and Brookway Boulevard but we don’t have any dates onthat at this point.”