Favre’s passion for football was something special

Published 5:00 am Thursday, July 30, 2009

Certainly, we will miss Brett Favre’s passion for the game offootball and his fun-loving spirit. Faithfully watching Favre playquarterback for the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets, youcould tell he loved the game.

At 39 years of age, Favre ended his dream of a comeback with theMinnesota Vikings. Although his decision to remain retireddisappointed a lot of folks, it’s best for him and his family.

Get out of the NFL meat grinder before it’s too late. Smile andrealize that Favre is able to walk away from the game he loves ontwo healthy legs. There will be retirement pains caused by NFLwounds as he grows older but Favre’s durability kept himcompetitive for more years than most gridiron greats.

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He has a devoted wife and family. Perhaps he can find peace andcomfort on his estate located just east of Hattiesburg on Highway98. An icon in professional football, he is destined for the ProFootball Hall of Fame in about five years.

Endorsement contracts remain at his fingertips. Insured of awealthy income, it’s time to kick back and enjoy life, especiallyhis family. Purple Minnesota Vikings jerseys with Favre’s famousname and No. 4 imprinted, were a popular item this summer asspeculation grew on Favre’s rehab from biceps surgery. Now thosejerseys are a collector’s item.

Sources say that the untimely and tragic death of Favre’s closefriend, retired quarterback Steve McNair, affected his outlook onlife. That murder-suicide tryst, involving the 36-year-old McNairand his 20-year-old Nashville mistress, shook up a lot of folks.For sure, it made them think twice.

Fame is fleeting but Favre will be remembered and idolized foryears to come. Thanks for the memories.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Minnesota should go ahead and signformer Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick who was reinstatedMonday by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick spent 18 months inprison for running a dogfighting ring in Virginia. PETA, the SPCAand other animal rights activists screamed bloody murder whenVick’s brutality against dogs was revealed.

Call it public outrage.

On that great NFL stage, rapists, killers, womanizers, wifebeaters, alcoholics and serious drug abusers are allowed tocontinue playing pro ball. They make their millions and keep ondoing their thing.

By comparison, the public will shrug its collective shouldersand wonder what’s for lunch when Right To Life advocates protestthe number of abortions taking place in the good ole USA. Manypeople consider a cute little puppy much more valuable than a humanfetus.

If you are keeping score, over 50 million babies have beenaborted since the Roe vs. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Courtin 1973.

Due to reclassification and realignment, area football fansmight need a road map this season if they intend to follow theirfavorite teams on the road.

Brookhaven’s Panthers are a prime example. Promoted to Class 5Aunder the new Mississippi High School Activities Associationformat, the Panthers are looking at some major road trips. The 2009campaign will send them on the road to Clinton, Lawrence County,Wayne County, Picayune and Stone County.

Ole Brook, Wayne County, Picayune and Stone County, along withWest Jones, Pearl River Central, McComb and Forest Hill, are partof the new Region 3-5A alignment. “It feels like we’ve joined theSEC,” was the observation made by BHS offensive line coach MikePowell.

For sure, Franklin County, Clinton and Lawrence County will bestrong opponents, too. Clinton in 6A, Lawrence County in 4A andFranklin County in 3A should contend for their respective regionchampionships.

Lawrence County should be a favorite in the new Region 7-4Aalignment. The Cougars must conquer Columbia, South Pike, CrystalSprings, North Pike and Port Gibson to claim the region crown. Onthe plus side, they won’t have to beat former 4A membersMendenhall, McComb, Brookhaven and Forest Hill.

Lawrence County boasts two of the best running backs in thestate in Michael Wells and Josh Cameron. The Cougars graduatednearly all of their offensive linemen from last season’s regionchampionship team so the immediate goal is obvious.

Franklin County, Hazlehurst and Tylertown are expected to have afierce battle for first place in Region 7-3A. Amite County,Jefferson County and and Wilkinson County will battle for thefourth rung and a playoff berth.

In Region 6-2A, Wesson, Loyd Star and Hinds AHS must contendwith former 1A state champion Puckett in the new alignment. St.Andrew’s has been kicked up to 3A and the powerful Saints won’t bemissed and neither will McLaurin, which is now 3A.

In Region 4-1A, Mt. Olive, Bogue Chitto, West Lincoln, NatchezCathedral, Salem, Dexter and Vicksburg St. Aloysius are holdoversfrom the last realignment. Sebastopol is the new team on the blockand the Bobcats have some l-o-n-g road trips from Scott Countyawaiting them.

Former Region 4-1A members Puckett, Pisgah, Pelahatchie andStringer have been elevated to Class 2A. This change should providesome relief for the 1A also-rans who can pick up some non-regionopponents.

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