New school year off to exciting start

Published 5:00 am Thursday, August 6, 2009

A survey of area school administrators shows a safe and happyreturn of students to the classroom Thursday, with bright hopes forthe 2009-10 school year.

“Personally, it’s wonderful. There are a million things you haveto get done, a million headaches and things that pop up, but thisis as good a start to school as we’ve ever seen,” said EnterpriseAttendance Center Principal Shannon Eubanks, who said his schoolhas approximately 60 new students this year. “Our seniors had aparade, and parents brought their kids in. Everyone’s reallyexcited.”

Loyd Star and West Lincoln attendance centers also hadprocessions with the class of 2010 and representatives from theLincoln County Sheriff’s Department and trucks from their localfire departments. Loyd Star administrator Della Douglas said thingsat Loyd Star had been as smooth as they could possibly be.

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“It’s going fine. They’re all going to first period right now,and they have about 10 people in there right now registering forclasses,” she said. “Also, we haven’t had any wrecks this yeareither.”

In the city, Brookhaven Elementary Principal Dolores Gearingsaid things have been trouble-free.

“All the students are in their classrooms and everyone issmiling,” said Gearing, whose school was decked out with balloonsand streamers and welcome signs. “The PTA is working hard andstrong already, and we’re looking forward to total and fullparticipation from our parents this year.”

At Alexander Junior High School, Principal Rod Henderson saidthe excitement is contagious.

“We’ve got our usual group from Lipsey,” he said. “Things aregoing fine, and we’ve got no complaints. There’s really nothing toreport yet, and that’s a good thing.”

Second-year Brookhaven High School Principal Dr. Jay Smith saidthe annual seniors parade through Brookhaven went without a hitch,and that the seniors were also giddy about a new year and being atthe top of the food chain.

And after having a year to get used to the routine, Smith saidhe’s excited too.

“This is obviously going to be a little easier for me than lastyear, because a lot of that was survival, getting settled andgetting to know people,” he said. “From a personal standpoint I’mmore excited looking ahead after surviving the first year.”

And first-year Lipsey School Assistant Principal Trevor Bristersaid he and new Principal Rob McCreary have proven to be a goodteam to help direct their herd of middle schoolers.

“So far everything went pretty smoothly, because the kids gothere and we were able to greet them and get them in their classes,”he said. “And it’s going pretty well. I’m learning a lot, Mr.McCreary is a great leader, and has shown me a lot. He’s teachingme the business, so to speak.”

Mississippi School of the Arts began classes Monday, andBrookhaven Academy begins Friday.