Delphi plans relocation of equipment

Published 5:00 am Friday, September 18, 2009

Delphi Packard Electric Systems officials are planning to removesome equipment from within the company’s Brookhaven facility in aneffort to reduce the plant’s overhead costs.

Company communications director Rachelle Valdez said one wholecircuit board production line and seven molding machines would betransferred to another Delphi location. She said all the machinerybeing considered is unused and the removal would not result in jobloss at the plant.

“They’re taking away unused equipment to help positionBrookhaven to successfully compete in the business,” Valdez said.”If they don’t have business, and the plant sits idle and I’mpaying for the inventory of that equipment, it hurts.”

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With one production line removed, the plant will consolidatedown to four lines, Valdez said. She said the facility is currentlyemploying 190 workers in two shifts.

Valdez said equipment removed from Brookhaven would betransferred to another Delphi facility producing bussed electriccenters, possibly one in Jaurez, Mexico. She hinted at possiblegrowth for the company that could determine where the machinerygoes, but did not elaborate.

“We’ve got a couple of big business opportunities, so that couldimpact where the equipment could go,” she said.

Delphi Packard has been on shaky ground for several years now,attempting to emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company,which produces electrical components for the automotive industry,fell on particularly tough times last year when General Motorsannounced a round of plant closures.

The company’s struggles came to Mississippi Wednesday, when itwas announced the Delphi plant in Clinton would close by the end ofthe year, eliminating 280 jobs.