Woman takes Christian living to ‘Next Level’

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 4, 2010

A Brookhaven woman who dropped a misguided life and came backhome to God has written a book she hopes will lead others in thesame direction.

Katina Burns, co-pastor of Tabernacle of Faith Ministries, willbe selling and signing “The Next Level” Thursday beginning at 4p.m. at the Lincoln County Public Library. The book is partbiography and part roadmap to Christian living.

“The book gives spiritual and practical inspiration,” Burnssaid. “I want people to understand you don’t have to just staywhere you are. You have opportunities, potential inside you to livea better life.”

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“The Next Level” takes readers through several trials, setbacksand ultimate successes in Burns’ life, outlining a Christianapproach to problem solving and daily living. The book chroniclesinstances in her life like her early troubles in youth and eventualmaturation with God; her use of prayer to find the best treatmentfor sarcoidosis, a lung disease; and her involvement in the churchand authorship.

Burns, 35, said she felt called by God to write the book after acryptic recommendation by a spiritual counselor. While attending aconference with Tabernacle of Faith Ministries in Omaha, Neb., in2004, the keynote speaker told Burns God was “dealing with (her) tosay, ‘Yes.'”

“I was thinking, OK – write a book? Be a pastor?” she said. “Itwas funny at the time because I was thinking, ‘Me, write a book?Nah …’ But it was confirmed later through another pastor whoasked me if I like to write. I knew God wanted me to write abook.”

“The Next Level” is already for sale in two Brookhaven locations- Bread of Life bookstore and Brookhaven Christian Bookstore. Thebook is also available at Natchez’s Cade’s Closet and in thebookstore at the Ambassador’s Worship Center in Omaha.

Burns hopes her book will lead others to Christ and strengthenthe daily walk of those who already know Him.

“I believe He wants others to know opportunity is for anyone whowill believe, step out into the deep and just obey,” she said.

Burns co-pastors Tabernacle of Faith Ministries on South FirstStreet with her husband, Daniel Burns.