Log truck overturned during midday accident

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A midday log truck accident on Ferguson-Mill Road Tuesday causeda log truck driver and his passenger to be transported to LawrenceCounty Hospital by ambulance, officials said.

Thomas Meadows, of Meadows Trucking out of Magee, and a femalepassenger were transported to the hospital with minor to moderateinjuries, officials said.

District Four Supervisor Glen Grubbs said he saw the accident upclose.

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“Well, he just flipped it over, he was going to go around me andflipped his truck over,” said Grubbs.

There was no physical contact between Grubbs’ truck and the logtruck, but Lawrence County Sheriff Joel Thames said Grubbs wastrying to flag down the truck when the accident occurred.

“From what I understand, Supervisor Grubbs came around him toflag him down, and the guy was going to try to go by thesupervisor. He may have been going too fast to stop or whatever,and jackknifed,” Thames said.

County officials said the board of supervisors has had toinstruct trucking companies to use certain roads in transportingheavy loads, and Ferguson Mill Road is not one of them.

“The main thing is the weight, some of the older roads and all,if a vehicle is overweight, it tears up the road itself and causesa lot of damage,” Thames said. “They’ve been warning them not todrive overloaded trucks on that, but you have some that come in andwant to make a quick trip, take the shortest way to the mill.”

Lawrence County Board of Supervisors President Steve Garrettsaid he was not at the scene, so he could not definitively say whathappened.

“The truck was in the wrong place, that’s all I can say, and hewas way overloaded and that contributed to the truck flippingover,” Garrett said. ‘

Lawrence County has called the Mississippi Highway Patrol in todo the investigation, which Thames said is routine when a countyvehicle is involved in an accident.

“Anytime you have a county vehicle, the same way as if a deputywrecked, MHP comes in so there won’t be any question about theinvestigation,” he said. “My officers were up there participating,but I decided to call them and let the Highway Patrol come in andtake charge of the situation, let them do the investigation.”

Meadows was treated and released from the hospital, but hispassenger has not been identified.