Area 4-H champion steer goes for ‘Big Time’ cash

Published 5:40 pm Monday, February 15, 2010

As goes the life of a show steer, Big Time had his moment ofglory just before they shipped him off to be someone’sdinner.

The steer, who became a local celebrity when he became ReserveGrand Champion in his division at the Dixie National, was boughtfor $8 a pound Thursday at the Dixie National Sale of Champions.The steer weighs 1,317 pounds, bringing his sale total to around$10,500.

Big Time was raised and shown by Will Watts, a 9-year-old who hasonly recently taken up showing steers.

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“It was amazing, just absolutely amazing for us as parents,” saidhis mother Wendy Watts. “It just was amazing that you had so manybusinesses turn out to bid on these animals.”

Watts said her son’s steer was purchased by a group that includedCongressman Gregg Harper and Boots N’ More western apparelstore.

Will’s reaction was that he was as amazed as his parents.

“He said, ‘Mama, can you believe it?'” she said. “It’s just amazingthat a steer, an animal that’s going to slaughter, can bring thatkind of money. Those businesses need a high five because noteveryone turns out to support these kids from 4-H thesedays.”

And the 4-H in Lincoln County has played a big part in Will’ssuccess, she said, as well as turning out several other verysuccessful children this year and consistently throughout theyears.

“Overall, Lincoln County 4-H and (Future Farmers of America) havebeen doing really good things for some time, and we were lucky inthe fact that our steer was chosen, and we put in a lot of hardwork, but we also had a lot of good advice from our fellow4-H-ers,” she said. “They’re solid. It’s huge what 4-H cando.”

The next step, she said, is for the family to pick out Big Time’ssuccessor.

“We’ve been to look at one who is local in Mississippi, and we’vegot plans to look at one out in Texas, and there are some inOklahoma,” she said. “When you go do this you show, and when you’rethrough showing, you start looking again.”