Showing love for special valentine

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today is the day we traditionally show the ones we love how muchwe love them with cards, candy, flowers and gifts.

Dennis and I made a pact a long time ago that on Valentine’s Daywe wouldn’t be over extravagant and we wouldn’t buy items that youhave to work with, things like toasters, vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers – you get the gist.

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Dennis has always been a lot more thoughtful about Valentine’sDay gifts than I have. It’s harder for us girls to get our guyssomething special. The commercials and advertisements have alwayscatered more toward the male species in the gift idea department.It’s probably because they need a bit of nudging sometimes or thefact that Valentine’s Day is so commercial.

I’ve seen more advertisements for flowers, jewelry and candythis year than anything else.

I’m lucky in that Dennis knows me very well, and he knows I loveto read. I have a few authors that I especially like to read, likeJohn Grisham and Patricia Cornwell.

For some reason one or both usually has a book that comes outnear Valentine’s Day just about every year. And, every year Dennisbuys me that book and writes something sweet inside the cover forme. I have a shelf full of books that he’s given to me onValentine’s Day, and each one could be a huge diamond as far as I’mconcerned. They all mean so much because I know he gave them to mefrom his heart.

I haven’t checked to see if either author has a book coming outthis year but I know if they don’t, he’ll come up with somethingjust as special.

I haven’t been that lucky in the gift-giving department. He’skind of hard to buy for because he almost never tells me ofanything he wants. But guys are hard to buy for on Valentine’s Day.You really don’t purchase jewelry or flowers for them. You can buythem candy but that doesn’t seem fair if they’re giving you adiamond. You could buy them a big power tool, but then that wouldbe more like work and doesn’t seem quite fair.

So what do you buy that special guy someone?

I turned to Google to find the answers and you know what Ifound? Google doesn’t really know either.

I found ideas for key rings, coffee mugs, coupon booklets, golftees and other golf paraphernalia, watches, tennis shoes, beermugs, robes, grilling items, sweaters and T-shirts.

I even tried multiple sites and just found more of the same.None of these items seem to say, “I love you,” to me.

So what do guys really want and does anyone have the answer?

I think I do. Our male counterparts want attention and lots ofit. It doesn’t matter what kind. They just want TLC (tender,loving, care). Dennis doesn’t care if I’m just sitting next to himwatching television or sitting on the deck watching him till up thegarden. It’s attention, and as long as I’m paying it toward him -he’s a happy camper.

I guess the runner-up to TLC would have to be food. I canprepare Dennis all of his favorites and put it on a plate for himand he’s in hog heaven! He’d rather have a good home-cooked mealthan a new key ring or sweater. He definitely would rather have ahome-made coconut pie than a set of new golf balls or new tongs forthe grill.

I guess what I’m saying is: There just aren’t many items outthere to purchase for your guy for Valentine’s Day in my book.

Get them a great card, fix a good meal and just show them a bitof attention and they’ll be good until next year.

And how was your week?