Bidding For Success

Published 8:01 pm Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elizabeth Bryan and Judy Reeves were never bridge partnersbefore they both qualified for a national tournament. Now they’reheaded for Reno, Nev., together.

The ladies, both of whom play bridge religiously at theBrookhaven Recreation Department, qualified on the local club levelwith other partners. But when both of their partners were unable tomake the state level, the two teamed up, and became the only teamfrom Mississippi to qualify.

The Golder North American Pairs Flight B tournament takes placeMarch 20-21, and brings in players from all over the country.

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“I’m very excited about it, but I kind of feel like a minnow ina pool of sharks,” said Bryan.

Reeves thought that was funny.

The tournament is for people under 2,000 Master Points, agrading scale which somewhat shows a player’s prowess. Bryan has1,200.

“Elizabeth thinks she feels like a minnow,” Reeves said. “I’mnot even to 200 Master Points!”

And of course they’ll enjoy the trip, the fun, and thecompetition, they said, because things like this don’t come aroundevery day.

“This is a once in a lifetime experience,” Bryan said.

Reeves grinned.

“Maybe,” she said.

Bryan, 75, from New Hebron, and Reeves, 67, from Magnolia, haveboth been playing bridge off and on for a very long time. Bryansaid she’s been in and out of the game since the 1970s, and Reevessaid she has played since her parents taught her how at age 12.

Both women took a long hiatus from the game, but came back to ita few years ago when they began playing at the recreationdepartment, they said.

The pair will qualify on Saturday. They said about half thefield will be eliminated that day, and then the actual tournamenttakes place on Sunday.

And the women have a strategy, and they hope it comes throughfor them.

“Just win,” said Bryan, to which Reeves added, “Just win andhave a good time.”