I hate ‘meeces’ to pieces!

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I’m really embarrassed to say this but I’ve been having a mouseproblem at my house.

We have a really old 100-plus-year-old house and well, when they’rethat old unwanted creatures are bound to find their way in at somepoint or another.

We’ve lived in our house for around eight years and in those eightyears I’ve never even seen a mouse.

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Now all of a sudden we have a mouse.

I’m sure it has something to do with all the cold, cold weatherwe’re having.

Anyway … back to the mouse.

Dennis, Liana and I have declared war.

At the first signs of the critter, I promptly ran to the store andpurchased several sticky traps that were scented with peanutbutter. Dennis put them out in several strategic locations in ourutility room where we found the “signs” of activity.

Well, low and behold, we caught two mice the first night. Yes,there were two of them and unfortunately they broughtfriends.

During the next couple of days we moved items and cleaned bothbehind and underneath things. We also continued to look for wherethese tiny creatures were making their entrance to our home.

One of those days while I was at work, Dennis and Liana werecleaning behind the freezer in the utility room with a broom andthe vacuum cleaner.

I received a text message from her that read: Vacuum cleaner 1 -Mouse 0.

Apparently, they found one of the Matchbox car-sized mice and itwas sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Mouse No. 3 has bitten thedust.

I don’t know what has been harder for me: knowing there is a mousein my house or knowing there are multiple mice in my house.

I went back out and bought more sticky traps and set them outeverywhere.

For the next few days there were no signs of mice.

I was beginning to think we had gotten them all when Sunday nightmy 120-pound shepherd leapt from his sleeping spot in my livingroom and slid into the dining room and began sniffing around thebaseboards. For the next hour or so he stood guard in the diningroom, emitting a low growl every so often.

I finally got up the courage and decided to go check out thecommotion in there. I grabbed my Swiffer mop and tiptoed into thedining room followed by my Chihuahua, Titan, and my daughter’ssmall dog, Barkley. Jax was still standing guard and now sniffingunder my rolltop desk. So I started poking my Swiffer at thecardboard box under my desk.

About that time Titan started barking, which startled Jax and madehim jump, which made me jump and made Barkley start barking. We allscampered back to the living room. All eyes were directed towardthe dining room. No furry creature in sight. But Jax’s attitudeassured me he’s was still there – somewhere.

The critters might be small in size but they’re pretty smart.Apparently, they know all about the sticky traps now, and aren’thaving anything to do with them no matter how hungry theyare.

I’m going to have to change strategies. I can’t use poison becauseof my dogs. I’m thinking about borrowing a cat.

For the time being, I’m armed with a mop, a few sticky traps andthree wimpy dogs.

And how was your week?

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