Secret Angel off to ‘Big Leagues’

Published 7:19 pm Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, BARL lost one of its angels recently.

If you recall, I wrote about the certain “guardian angels” thatkeep BARL going. Whether it’s bringing food when our stock is low,collecting cans for us to deposit for funds or bringing blanketsfor the animals on cold nights, BARL has the proverbial “village”taking care of it.

The angel I am speaking of is Mr. Charles Jacobs, of course. I wassaddened to see that he had been “called up to the Big Leagues,” touse a baseball analogy. While here in the minors, I would see Mr.Jacobs pull up to the front of the restaurant, pop the trunk andunload a bag or two of dog food. He would set it just inside thefront door as if he were Santa bringing the kids some goodies. Idon’t think I ever approached him. It seemed as though that wouldtake away from the anonymity and pleasure of the gesture he wasmaking.

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“So, then, why do you tell the readers now, Rusty?” you might ask.I would answer it this way. The most genuine a person will ever beis when they are drawn to do something without others knowing aboutit. Yet, how are we supposed to pass on these traits of genuinenessto those who follow if we don’t tell their stories? If we knowsomething about their story, we should tell what we know when it’stimely, shouldn’t we?

I certainly don’t pretend to have known Mr. Jacobs personally. Isaw him in mixed company several times and he would eat at therestaurant on occasion. Other than that, I based my viewpoint onthe generosity he showed to the homeless pets of the BrookhavenAnimal Rescue League. The way I see it, if you have a place in yourheart for the helpless animals of the world, you have some truegoodness about you.

As I wrote before, there are other Angels out there doing theirpart, too. I’m sorry I don’t know everyone by name. Though, I don’thave to know the names of everyone. The Right Person has thatcovered.

Therefore, we need to strengthen the depth of our team here in theminors by taking note of those being promoted (like Mr. Jacobs).Whether your Angel Work is done with animals, children, the poor orcancer, the important thing to remember is that you need to helpothers. This world is tough and life is so unpredictable. And,there is always someone who could use a little help from anAngel.

Rusty Adcock is a local restaurateur and a volunteer of theBrookhaven Animal Rescue League. For more information about BARL orto view pets for adoption go to or call601-757-4367.