Easter serves as reminder of faith’s promise

Published 12:48 pm Monday, April 5, 2010

Peter’s message, written to young churches centuries ago,resonates on this day as Christians around the U.S. and worldcelebrate Easter Sunday. That message is one of a risen savior andthe hope found therein.

For many Christians, Easter serves as their focal point of faith,the day Jesus rose from the dead after dying on the cross to atonefor the sins of mankind. As established in the familiar passage ofJohn 3:16, His resurrection offers the promise of eternal life forall who will believe.

Although the story of the day begins with suffering and death,Easter is truly a time of joy and celebration in the risen savior.Across the country, Christians will observe this special day withsunrise services in the morning and exciting Easter egg hunts inthe afternoon.

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According to an American Bible Society study guide, however, 1Peter was written during a time when “it was not very popular orsocially acceptable to be Christian.”

While Americans are free to come together to celebrate Easterhowever they choose, there remain places in the world where it isstill “not very popular or socially acceptable to be Christian.”And there are still others with differing beliefs who harboroutright hostility toward those who do share their ideal and plotdaily to subjugate Christians and other “infidels.”

Regardless of the place, though, many Christians face trials andtribulations. These may be either of a personal nature or in somemore official form of persecution.

Against this backdrop of suffering and strife, Christians may holdfirm in their faith and steadfast in the hope found in the cross.That is why Easter is such a special day … to remind us of thepromise of tomorrow because of the sacrifice made so longago.

Have a happy and blessed Easter.