Co-Lin schedules ‘Maymester’ course offerings

Published 6:34 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Copiah-Lincoln Community College has a new opportunity forstudents who are looking to knock out some additional collegecredits before the end of May.

The “Maymester” classes that will be offered between May 17 and May28 will be held for four hours a day for two weeks, but oncethey’re done, the whole summer lies ahead, said Director ofCurriculum and Assessment Chris Warren.

“It’s for any college student, whether they want to catch up or getahead, or for university students who want to get a class in whilethey’re home for a few weeks,” he said. “It also could be for highschool seniors to knock out a college class in two weeks before thesummer starts.”

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The idea of doing Maymester classes at Co-Lin started last year atthe Simpson County Center, Warren said. In addition, he said,”mini-terms” have been successful at other colleges anduniversities around the state.

“We did the one at the Simpson Center last year and it did great,”he said. “So we decided to develop one for the Wesson campus thisyear.”

There should be five to seven classes available for the Maymester,said Warren, and pre-registration has already begun. The classeswill cost the same as any other course, Warren said, and thecredits will go on their transcripts the same as any othercourse.

“It’s just like a regular course, like anything else they’d sign upfor, like an intensive summer school class,” Warren said. “It meetsfor the same amount of hours, but it’s just longer each day andyou’re out in two weeks.”

It’s just a good opportunity for students to get a class out of theway before they have to do other things throughout the summer,Warren said, or to get extra hours knocked out in a shorter periodof time.

“It’ll allow them to finish a course and still be able to do normalsummer school with more hours during a summer period,” Warren said.”If you have to work for the summer, you can take a college class,and be through by the end of May.”

More information on the summer classes is available by callingCo-Lin at 601-643-5101.