3 juveniles charged in recent burglaries

Published 7:03 pm Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Lincoln County juveniles have been arrested in a string ofburglaries that also involved an alleged arson, Sheriff’sDepartment officials said.

Arson Investigator Sgt. Andrew Montgomery said three juvenilemales, one 15 years old and two 16 years olds, were charged inconnection with four burglaries that took place on Nalco Lane andCoopertown Road.

Three burglaries on Nalco Lane took place on the weekend of May 1and 2. The homes were burglarized, and there was also somevandalism involved.

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Montgomery said he was called to the scene of one of the burglariesthat weekend. Upon his arrival, Deputy Jason Cole and Sgt. KennisMontgomery had detained two juveniles they had found nearby.

“Cole caught them walking through the backyard of one of thehouses,” Andrew Montgomery said. “If it wouldn’t have been for thembeing able to catch them right away, this case might still beopen.”

The two juveniles were brought in for questioning. Charges werefiled recently.

It took some time to gather enough information to connect all thecrimes, but Montgomery said investigators were able to tie thethird juvenile to the burglaries. During that time, informationalso came out about a February robbery and arson on CoopertownRoad.

“They broke into the house and that house ended up burning,” hesaid.

Montgomery said one of the boys was charged with four counts ofburglary and a count of arson, one was charged with two counts ofburglary, and one was charged with one count of burglary.

Sheriff’s department officials declined to release the names of thejuveniles arrested in conjunction with the burglaries.